TIBEAN: All-rounder for lake management

Hit your target with TIBEAN

Depending on specific priorities, the objectives regarding the management of water bodies can vary significantly. Therefore TIBEAN applications are multi-purpose:

>> TIBEAN assures sufficient oxygen supply whilst preserving the natural stratification.
The hypolimnion is preserved as habitat for fish and benthic invertebrates.

>> TIBEAN assures an oxidized boundary layer between sediment and water.
The release of nutrients (phosphorus) from sediments will be reduced.

>> With TIBEAN there is enough oxygen supply to allow a complete mineralization of decomposing biomass.
The formation of anoxic sludge and an increased production of Ammonia can be prevented.

>> TIBEAN maintains an oxygen concentration of 4 mg L-1, thereby allowing the oxidation and precipitation of iron and manganese.
Costs for the production of drinking water are kept low or can be reduced.

>> TIBEAN prevents reductive processes.
The accumulation of toxic hydrogen sulphide is inhibited.

>> TIBEAN supports the fixation of phosphorus in the sediments, resulting in an improved water quality.
The nutrition content in the water body can be reduced.

>> TIBEAN allows the insertion of lime, aluminium sulphate or other agents for precipitation.
The hypolimnion can be treated specifically.