Hypolimnic water aerator

Additionally there is gas exchange between water and atmosphere. As a result the epilimnion is efficiently saturated with oxygen. In contradiction the hypolimnion lacks
oxygen as there is no photosynthetic activity and no exchange with the atmosphere. Furthermore, microorganisms metabolize biomass, using oxygen. As a result oxygen is depleted in the hypolimnion.

Under anaerobic conditions other bacteria continue the process of decomposition which results in the formation of organic sludge. Ammonia, Iron and Manganese, as well as toxic hydrogensulfide, accumulate in the hypolimnion. Phosphates are redissolved from the  sediments thus contributing to eutrophication.

Hit your target with TIBEAN

Depending on priority, the objectves regarding
the management of waterbodies can vary significantly. Respectively TIBEAN’s applications are multi-purpose:
  • The hypolimnion shall serve as a habitat for fish and benthic invertebrates. TIBEAN assures sufficient oxygen supply whilst preserving the natural temperature stratification.
  • The target is a low nutrient concentration.
  • TIBEAN assures an oxidized borderline layer between sediment and water. Thus the release of nutrients (phosphorus) will be reduced.
  • The formation of organic sludge and an increased production of Ammonia shall be prevented.
  • With TIBEAN there is enough oxygen supply to allow a complete mineralisation of
  • organic matter.
  • Costs for the production of drinking water are to be kept low.
  • TIBEAN maintains an oxygen concentration of 4 mg L-1, thereby allowing the
  • oxidation and precipitation of iron and manganes.
  • The accumulation of toxic hydrogene sulfide is to be inhibited. As it creates an environment rich in oxygen
  • TIBEAN prevents reductive processes and the accumulation of sulfides.
  • The nutrient content in the water body is to be reduced. TIBEAN supports the fixation of phosphorus in the sediments, resulting in an improved water quality.
  • The hypolimnion is to be specifically treated. TIBEAN allows the addition of lime, aluminium sulfate or other means for precipitation.

Some visual examples of TIBEAN

Fig.1: Degassing chamber of Tibean Grosskayna
Fig.2: Simulation of stuff transport and velocities
Fig.3: Tibean Steinbrunn, Vienna, during installation
Fig.4: Tibean lake Rundstedt during final construction

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